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My friend Eddie Moreno did an AMAZING run cycle for the protagonist of my yet-to-be-made adventure RPG! It is so so so cool to see her move!

My friend Eddie Moreno did an AMAZING run cycle for the protagonist of my yet-to-be-made adventure RPG! It is so so so cool to see her move!

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'Nother character for the RPG?! 

'Nother character for the RPG?! 

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what do u look for in a guy? are u blown away by just having graduated but already working for the goooogle? whats ur favorite place to eat in sf?


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I wanna make an adventure RPG!

I wanna make an adventure RPG!

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old post-it note scribble

old post-it note scribble

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I love your Thanksgiving doodle! Do you use a pen tablet? If so which one? Ellen

At work I have a Cintiq 21UX! At home I use an Intuos 3.

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Hi Sophie, I wanted to let you know how meaningful your thanksgiving doodle was for me. My younger son, Caleb, died on Sept 3. For us, foxes represent him (there's a story, but I see I'm working w a character count). Amazingly, foxes seem to be popping up everywhere since he died. Then your doodle. But here's the kicker- my surviving son is (nick)named Banjo. So when I saw that the thanksgiving message was of a fox+banjo I was so touched. Thx 4 your beautiful creation. love, ellen

Hi Ellen,

My sincerest condolences. Thank you so much for sharing this story with me. I would love to hear about how foxes came to represent Caleb.

It looks like your tumblr is not heavily used so I hope you see this response… If you like, you can email me your address (sydiao@gmail.com) and I would love to send you a little print of Fox and Banjo : )

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For this year’s Thanksgiving Google Doodle, I made a lil animation!

I knew making a short film for work would be an incredibly time-consuming process, so I tried to stuff it with all of my favorite things: foxes, forests, field mice, and food. I’ve been making fox/forest/mouse films for years and still have yet to get bored of it. I was also inspired by Animal Crossing! Maybe I’ll get myself a 3DS tomorrow as a prize for finishing this doodle :p

More thanks and rough sketches/process can be found in the doodle blog post here.

Happy Thanksgivin’!

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Have you been watching Steven Universe? Cuz you should!

I freelance-painted some backgrounds for S1E6, “Cat Fingers.” Many thanks to art director Kevin Dart for his invaluable help!

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I don't know if you already know this, but Beast Coast just totally shared your doodle on Facebook! I though it was the coolest thing!

WOW http://facebook.com/bestcoast YOURE RIGHT *___* so starstruck

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your use of colour makes me want to break down and cry from happiness, holy god woman!

No! No cry! (thank you!)

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but what pumps your blood?

my asscheeks

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what's the way to ur heart?

I dunno I guess you could come by my locker after sixth period and we could walk to 7/11 and get Coke-flavored icees or something and then  we could chill next to the creek (sitting on our backpacks because it’s muddy over there) and you could show me how many Jack Johnson songs you know on guitar ("can you play Banana Pancakes? it’s my favorite"

but I have to be home by 5, that’s when my mom gets back

just kidding, I don’t have a heart (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

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